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A job written for you in a true Rotterdam agency

The office

As a Rotterdam-based law firm, LVH is active for regional, national and international businesses with offices mainly in the southwest of the Netherlands. Our clients are assured of receiving high quality service from us. The lawyers at LVH are focused on working closely with our clients. The better the synergy, the better we are able to grasp the essence of issues and present effective legal solutions, to the full satisfaction of our clients. For many of our business relations we act as their in-house lawyer: the fixed and trusted contact for all legal questions.

The housing

LVH is located in the World Port Center on the Kop van Zuid. Yes indeed, right next to Hotel New York. It is seldom windless here on the quay. In the distance you can hear seagulls squawking. Taxi boats come and go, with water rushing in their wake. LVH is housed on the 27th floor in sleek contemporary architecture. Intriguing high-rise in the flat Netherlands. Once upstairs, you can enjoy breathtakingly beautiful views of hip, self-aware Rotterdam. In depth you look out over the Maas and on the other side the Rijnhaven, where new towers are rising and the Rijnhaven park and urban beach are under development. A vibrant second city centre is emerging before your eyes, characterised by historic quays, industrial monuments, high-rise architecture and views across the water that reflect the sun. Welcome to LVH! A magnificent place to work.

The culture

Straightforward Rotterdammers. That is what we are. Hard working, no fuss, with passion for the profession. And also: direct, honest and loyal. Entrepreneurial for entrepreneurs. We know our clients inside out: they appreciate our Rotterdam working mentality and our no-nonsense way of doing business. Our office location is iconic for the identity of LVH. The high-rise architecture exudes the culture of the metropolitan business community, yet here on the 27th floor we keep both feet firmly on the ground. We don’t pretend to be anything more than a medium-sized office. That certainly has advantages for our staff. Our law firm is big enough for exciting cases and small enough for an informal atmosphere. Colleagues are on friendly terms with each other and easily walk into each other’s rooms. During drinks, sporting events and staff outings we get to know surprising new sides of ourselves and our colleagues. And of course we are present at various business networks, such as a golf network, the business club of a Rotterdam professional football organisation, a breakfast network or a sector-oriented association. Which network suits you best?

The working environment

LVH is a contemporary employer. At LVH we value a good working atmosphere and think it is important that everyone can be themselves. The diversity of individual personalities combined with the good relationship between our colleagues leads to an inspiring working climate in which the best services are provided. We create room for your personal growth. Investing in training. Clear agreements about what we expect from each other in reciprocity are recorded objectively so that we can consult them at any time and hold each other to account. We give you the trust and offer you the freedom, responsibilities and powers to fulfil what we as LVH promise. We are open to your ideas. To enable you to excel, we offer support in all possible areas and we strive for a working climate in which all conditions are created to practise law ‘as a top-class sport’. The quality we deliver is above all a team effort, much more than the sum of individual performances.

Your input

For starters, we invite you to not get too attached. Please remain authentic and close to yourself. Tell us! Who are you? What are your wishes? What do you need to work well, to use your talent and to realize your ambition? We help you to give form and substance to your job in your own way. Fair is fair: also out of self-interest. Because the better your performance matches your personal wishes and qualities, the greater the chance that we will succeed in our shared mission: to exceed the high expectations of our clients wherever possible. We therefore encourage our employees to be among the best in their profession. But also to actively contribute to the growth and good name of our company. We like to see an enterprising and daring person, who can also colour outside the lines and who does not shy away from uncharted territory. We want you to gain new experiences that will enrich your professional life.

The acquaintance

You see: we like to meet good and enthusiastic people. People with a shared high level of ambition. Preferably candidates who know what they want and what not. Preferably people who go for an 8 and want to grow into a 9. Are you interested in working for us? Then call 0031 10 209 27 76 and make an appointment with Peter Verheijden. Or send a brief application to

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