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November 28, 2022

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Privacy and Data Protection: Brexit and third countries

2021-11-22T21:07:46+00:00November 22, 2021|Business service, International, International, News, Posts|

As we all know the UK left the EU with effect from 1 January 2021. How does this affect the transfer and processing of personal data in the UK. The Withdrawal Agreement entered into by the EU and the UK regarding the withdrawal of the UK from the EU sets out a certain transitionary period. This transitional period expired as from 1st July 2021, meaning that the UK is treated as a third country with respect to the transfer and processing of personal date. What does this mean in practice for privacy and data protection?

Right to consent of Works Council: what to do in case of refusal by Works Council (WC)?

2021-08-17T14:03:38+00:00August 17, 2021|Business service, Employees, News|

A works council WC has a right to consent with regard to proposed decisions to adopt, amend or repeal a regulation pursuant to Section 27 of the WOR. But what if the Works Council refuses to give its consent to the implementation of the resolution? Is that reasonable, or do the interests of the employer outweigh the interests? And what can the entrepreneur do?


2022-09-06T12:10:22+00:00August 16, 2021|Business service, News|

The government expects that as a result of covid-19, a significant number of entrepreneurs will want to end their business in the short term using the turbo liquidation. The government fears abuse and has drafted a proposal to protect the position of creditors and to increase transparency on this scheme. This proposal has been submitted for consultation.

Actions against non-competition agreements

2021-05-11T10:20:04+00:00May 11, 2021|Business service, Employees, News|

Many employees have a non-compete agreement, and many employers come into contact with potential employees who have a non-compete agreement. The question that then arises is, can the employee join a new company? Or in other words, is the non-competition clause legally valid, can the current employer successfully invoke the clause, or can the non-competition clause perhaps be (partially) voided?

Assessment of employment relationships and the DBA Act: Employee or self-employed person?

2021-03-01T14:47:00+00:00March 1, 2021|Business service, Employees, Employees, News, Posts, Specialist areas|

A widely used employment relationship is the ZZP construction. This employment relationship has a number of advantages for entrepreneurs and it is a good alternative to temporary work and (temporary) employment contracts. It is therefore a subject that has been the subject of much debate in recent years, more specifically, when is there an agreement for services or an employment contract?

Fiscal support measures during Corona crisis

2020-03-18T12:16:51+00:00March 18, 2020|Business service, Companies in financial distress, Enteprise and government, Enterprise and business, Enterprise and business, International, International, News, Posts|

On the 17th March 2020, the Cabinet announced a large number of measures. These measures are aimed at supporting companies and freelancers. The measures include measures to maintain employment on the one hand and measures to ensure that companies do not go bankrupt and that self-employed people can maintain an income on the other hand.

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