June 26, 2022

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Bonus employees: how to create a good bonus scheme as an employer?

2022-03-14T14:10:31+00:00March 14, 2022|Employees, Posts|

The bonus is a nice incentive for employees that you can use as an employer. But you have to be careful. The bonus scheme can be risky if it is not put down on paper correctly. As an employer, you then face the question: is the employee entitled to the bonus and how high is it? Obviously, you do not want to have that discussion with your employees. In this article, we discuss how you, as an employer, can draw up a good bonus scheme.

Amend model employment contract in 2022? Implementation of EU Directive on transparent and predictable terms of employment

2022-03-07T16:44:36+00:00March 3, 2022|Employees, Posts|

In June 2019, the European Parliament adopted a Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions. The Directive grants new rights to employees and this thus affects employees' employment contracts, as well as any employment conditions regulations. This may lead to employers having to change their (model) employment contracts and employment conditions regulations in 2022.

Director and works council: how to achieve effective cooperation?

2022-03-01T11:27:19+00:00March 1, 2022|Employees, News, Posts|

The works council is an important body within the organisation. They represent their members and have the necessary powers to do so, such as the right to consent and the right of advice. Effective cooperation makes it easier to implement important decisions within your organisation and ensures that those decisions are also supported within your organisation.

Sick employee does not cooperate in reintegration: employer actions

2022-02-21T11:47:20+00:00February 21, 2022|Employees, Posts|

A reintegration process starts by the employer reporting sick. Earlier, we wrote an article about the steps that should be taken in a reintegration process. But what if the sick employee does not cooperate? Which actions can you take as an employer to get the reintegration process back on track or can the employer fire the sick employee if he does not cooperate?

Can a cash payment made after the bankruptcy date be reclaimed?

2022-02-22T08:53:45+00:00February 17, 2022|Companies in financial distress, Employees, News, Posts|

Recently, the Supreme Court issued an interesting judgment involving two important principles of bankruptcy law, namely the principle of fixation and the principle of paritas creditorum. The case concerned a situation in which, after the bankruptcy date, a cash payment was made from the bankrupt's bank account to a creditor. The central question was whether the trustee could recover the payment from the creditor. This article discusses the case, the relevant principles and the Supreme Court's opinion.

Surveillance in the (home) workplace: what is an employer allowed?

2022-02-22T15:42:20+00:00February 10, 2022|Employees, Posts|

Previously we wrote an article about the rules for camera surveillance in the workplace. The need for employer monitoring exceeds - partly in view of the corona pandemic - the mere checking of the workplace with cameras. Employers also have a need to monitor employees' browsing habits, as well as the emails they send. And, of course, they want to prevent employees from spending hours Internet shopping and watching TV at the home workplace during working hours. But isn't monitoring this a violation of the employee's privacy, especially at the home workplace? In this article, we address that question. Is an employer allowed to use monitoring tools and what rules must the employer abide by during a monitoring. To form a clear picture, we will also discuss case law.

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