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Leoni van Westen

litigation, collection


Studied Dutch law at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Completed her studies in 2009, specializing in civil law. Wrote her thesis on the professional liability of the (Advocate-)mediator; This thesis was published in the book "Waar gehakt wordt ... ' .

Lawyer at LVH

Since January 2010 .

Position and facts

Leoni conducts a practice which focus on, besides general liability matters, cases with regard to shareholder and takeover disputes. She litigates both in court and - on appeal – at the Supreme Court.


Business Service Lawyers




Assists her client in an optimal manner. Annalytical skills. Is firm, thorough and combative. Acts professional and thorough in Court.

Personal characteristics

Down to earth, careful, driven.

Memberships / extracurricular activities
  • Member of VBR (Association for Civil Law)
  • Member of the NJV (Dutch lawyers association)
Leoni van Westen

litigation, collection

+31 (0)10 209 27 75
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Leoni van Westen
Every cloud has a silver lining

On the last day of 2015, one of the Netherlands’ largest department stores has been declared bankrupt. V&D's bankruptcy had negative consequences on various parties. For example on Senz, a supplier of storm umbrellas. Senz had supplied V&D with umbrellas of which a large part remained unpaid.

Garnishment of the purchase price with the buyer

On 31 October 2013, in the article “Beslag op de koopsom van een woning” ("Garnishment of the purchase price of a dwelling"), we already discussed a judgement of the Supreme Court of 12 July 2013, in which the Court ruled that garnishment levied on the purchase price against the buyer is not subject to the protection of the priority notice ("Vormerkung").

Receivers V&D ordered to surrender SENZ umbrellas

In a judgement of 10 May 2016, the Court in Preliminary Relief Proceedings of the District Court of Amsterdam ordered the receivers of V&D B.V. to surrender the umbrellas that Senz Umbrellas B.V. delivered to V&D and have not been paid to Senz Umbrella's B.V..

Rules on free choice of a lawyer under legal expenses insurance to be interpreted broadly

On 7 April of this year, the European Court of Justice has once again given two judgements on the free choice of a lawyer, in which the concept was more closely defined.

Earlier publication of the annual accounts

On 1 January 2016, the term within which the annual accounts must be published was reduced again. This time, the amendment applies as of the 2016 financial year, for all companies. So what were the rules again, and what has changed on 1 January 2016?

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litigation, collection

+31 (0)10 209 27 75