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Our team

Bouwe Bos



Erasmus University Rotterdam. Universität Konstanz (Germany).

Lawyer at LVH

Bouwe Bos has been a solicitor at Leeman Verheijden Huntjens since 2003. He was made partner in 2016.

Function and facts

Bouwe deals with conflicts and solving them. He enforces legal procedures or gives advise in conflict situations. By talking to his client and by asking the right questions, Bouwe gathers all the information he needs to determine a strategy, of course together with his client with the obvious aim to achieve the best possible result for the client. This can be a positive ruling or a settlement so the risks and costs of further litigation are avoided.

A good lawyer investigates what the interest of his client is and delivers with its client a team- effort to achieve these interests as near as possible. (Bouwe Bos)


Industry & Energy Dutch Lawyers




Understanding of complex facts, analytical ability, legal knowledge and passion. These are the qualities that Bouwe possesses in order to be a good litigator who is able to litigate effectively.

Personal characteristics

Committed, competitive and rational.

Memberships / extracurricular activities
  • Bouwe provides theme-seminars for students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam as part of the master 'Toga aan de Maas'. 
  • Takes responsibility of for training of young lawyers within the office. 
  • Is active in various business networks, such as GF & L, Mercury and BNI.
Who is entitled to the petrol station at the end of the lease agreement?

The law provides a rule for answering this question, but the lease agreement may include different agreements. In practice that happens, but these agreements are often unclear or undated, creating opportunities and threats.

Possible statutory basis for the Dutch Franchise Code

Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs is looking into the possibility of enshrining the Dutch Franchise Code in the law. This is stated in a letter he has written to the Dutch House of Representatives. It means the Franchise Code may come to play a role in legal proceedings involving franchise disputes.

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Bouwe Bos


+31 (0)10 209 27 63
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