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Sabriye Ort

Franchise, distribution and agency, rental (contract and eviction)


Erasmus University Rotterdam, specialisation Business Law. Graduated in 2008.

Lawyer at LVH

Since May 2017.

Function and facts

Sabriye Ort began her career in 2008 as a corporate lawyer at an accountancy firm. She has worked as a solicitor since August 2012. In 2017, she moved to LVH Advocaten. To clients, she is a source of information when it comes to commercial partnerships, with a focus on franchise, distribution and agency. She acts on behalf of franchisors, franchisees and franchise associations. She advices, negotiates and litigates mainly in the field of contract and tenancy law.


Business service lawyers.

Specialist area

Franchise, distribution and agency, rental (contract and eviction).


Sabriye is a pragmatic, proactive and service-oriented lawyer. She is continuously active in analysing new possibilities and opportunities to create added value for clients. She always tries to reach an amicable settlement, but does not hesitate to litigate.

Personal characteristics

Committed, result-oriented and persistent.

  • Member of the Association for Distribution,
    Franchise and Agency Law
  • Member of the Dutch Franchise Association
Sabriye Ort

Franchise, distribution and agency, rental (contract and eviction)

+31 (0)10 209 27 77
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Sabriye Ort
Bank has limited duty of care in respect of the franchisee

On 23 May 2017, the The Hague Court of Appeal gave a judgment in respect of a bank's duty of care regarding an ex-franchisee. In short, the Court of Appeal is of the opinion that it was not established that the bank neglected its duty of care by not warning the franchisee about the poor financial position of the franchiser.

Introduction of the Franchise Act does not produce a rosy future for franchise formulas

I have written about the Netherlands Franchise Code (NFC) before and explained its contents. In that context, I noted briefly that Minister Kamp sent a white paper for the Franchise Act to the Dutch House of Representatives. The white paper concerns special regulations for a franchise agreement and is open for consultation up to 25 May 2017, inviting stakeholders and interested parties to express their opinion.

Netherlands Franchise Code (NFC)

On 12 April 2017, the outgoing Minister of Economic Affairs published a bill which legally embeds the NFC. It is possible to respond to the bill until 25 May 2017. By legally embedding the NFC, the Minister wants to strengthen the position of franchisees and bring more balance to the interests of franchisees and franchisors.

Bruna must honour the franchise and lease agreement (for now)

A franchisee has successfully brought interlocutory proceedings against his franchisor Bruna. The court in interlocutory proceedings has judged as a preliminary measure that Bruna has to honour the franchise and (sub)lease agreement it terminated.

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