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Start-up company

Are you a start-up company wanting to professionalize further with the help of a lawyer for start-ups

Starting a new company is a challenge and the initial focus more often than not lies with getting the start-up up and running and getting sufficient customers to break even. Once this point has been reached, the start-up is able to further professionalize.

Madelon van Breemen – lawyer for start-ups

Madelon van Breemen specializes in start-ups that are looking to further professionalize from a legal point of view. As funding is still a critical issue, LVH Advocaten has developed a pricing structure that is attractive for start-up companies and makes the costs of the legal service predictable. Instead of the usual hourly rate charge, a fixed price is agreed for each document or service provided.

How to professionalize as a start-up company

LVH Advocaten can assist the start-up  in the following areas.

  • conducting a legal and, if required, a fiscal audit of the start-up in line with its business plan and KPI’s.

  • based on the legal audit, a plan of action is agreed of the legal steps to be taken whereby the resources are leading and reducing legal exposure as much as possible.

  • address the purchase channels of the start-up such as any products/services in order to make the services/products complete that are offered to the market by the start-up reducing legal exposure as much as possible given the circumstances

  • review the sales process of the services/products that the start-up is offering to the market based on its KPI’s and business plan.

  • Roll out or review the direct sales channel, off-line and on-line and the underlying agreements and applicability of agreements such as general terms and conditions, sale and purchase agreements, confidentiality agreements etc.

  • draft license agreements if appropriate.

  • roll out or review the indirect sales channel of the start-up, such as franchise agreements, distribution agreementand agency agreements.

  • protection of the intellectual property of the products/services offered to the market by the start-up.

  • advising on compliance aspects such as privacy etc

  • drafting or reviewing a shareholders agreement, or strategic alliance that the start-up has entered into or wishes to enter into to strengthen its market position.

  • financing agreements of the start-up.

  • employment issues such as advising on the type of agreements are most appropriate for the start-up, whether this is contracting work, employment of staff or management agreements for the management of the start-up.

Fixed Pricing Structure

LVH can provide a fixed price for each instruction given by you. We can give you a fixed price for drafting or reviewing certain documents such as

  • General Terms and Conditions

  • Sales agreement

  • Purchase agreement

  • Sales Agency agreement

  • Sales Distribution agreement

  • Franchise agreement

  • Sales cooperation agreement

  • Legal Audit of the start-up company etc

Please contact Madelon van Breemen for further information on +31 10 2092756 or by email on

Bouwe Bos


+31 (0)10 209 27 63
Madelon van Breemen

International business to business contracting

+31 (0)10 209 27 65
Daniël van Genderen

litigation, tender, business and government

+31(0)10 209 27 45
Peter de Graaf

insolvencies and reorganisation

+31 (0)10 209 27 52
Yvonne Jansen

rental (contract and eviction), business and shareholders, property

+31 (0)10 209 27 75
David Harreman

Enterprise and government, Enterprise and shareholders, National and International Tax Law

+31 (0)10 209 27 77
Lisa Kloot

employment Law and employer representation

+31(0)10 209 27 61
Ben van Nieuwaal

business and government

+31 (0)10 209 27 45
Michelle Reevers

aviation, commercial contracts, business and shareholders

+31 (0)10 209 27 75
Hans Rijntjes

litigation, rental (contract and eviction), collection, business and shareholders

+31 (0)10 209 27 55
Rob Steenhoek

insolvencies and reorganisation, business and shareholders

+31 (0)10 209 27 52
Peter Verheijden

commercial cooperations, mergers and acquisitions, employment law and employer representation 

+31 (0)10 209 27 75
Justin de Vries

insolvencies and reorganisation, business and shareholders

+31 (0)10 209 27 52


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