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International trade and doing business internationally

International trade and doing business internationally is no longer reserved for large multinationals. International transactions are also commonplace in (large) SME’s. As each country has its own laws and regulations, these transactions become complex: as an entrepreneur, your way of doing business internationally taking into consideration both legal systems and also the difference in culture and language. The same situation or decision in the Netherlands’ often has a different legal consequence in another country.

International legal business network of laywers

LVH Advocaten has a large international legal business network of lawyers has a wide network of lawyers to assist in matters covering other jurisdictions. This international business network of lawyers has been developed very carefully to ensure that you receive the same service as what you are used to.

This international legal business network of lawyers is very active and is expanding all the time, and as the lawyers generally know each other and have worked together, it means that lines are a lot shorter and more direct.

International Bar Association

International Bar Association (IBA).
LVH Advocaten is a member of the IBA, the International Bar Association, a network of lawyers worldwide and a member of its practice groups.

Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce

LVH Advocaten is a member of the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), a network of companies that is active in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The NBCC is an interactive network where the NBCC can play an active role in bringing parties together. NBCC also arranges a wide variety of informative meetings which addresses the needs of the members and gives the opportunity for members to exchange information.

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