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Aviation and law: an extensive area with a lot of cross-border aspects. In order to be able to give legal advice, knowledge of what goes on in the aviation industry is vital. The lawyers of our aviation team are experts.

Knowledge of the relevant European legislation and staying up-to-date about rulings of the European Court of Justice is essential.

Our lawyers have built up a lot of expertise in proceedings regarding passenger rights. This includes cases where passengers submit claims to the airline company when their flight was delayed by 3 hours or more. The assessment of whether force majeure is at play (the extraordinary circumstance), in which case the airline company does not have to pay any compensation, plays a major role in these cases. We assist airline companies during such disputes and we assess if a successful defence can be brought during legal proceedings.

In addition to bringing various types of legal proceedings, our lawyers also offer customised services. We have drawn up internal guidelines for a Customer Care department for instance and we have offered advice during consultations between airline company and airport. 

We act on behalf of international airline companies and airports.

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No enforcement by the ILT with regard to delayed flights

Under EC Regulation 261/2004, passengers can claim financial compensation when a flight is severely delayed or cancelled. Pursuant to Section 16 of this Regulation, the Netherlands is obliged to appoint a national institution that is responsible for the enforcement of this regulation. In the Netherlands, this is the State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment, while the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport ILT) has been charged with the execution.

Michelle Reevers

aviation, commercial contracts, business and shareholders

+31 (0)10 209 27 75

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