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Aviation Act: Objection against tariffs and conditions for Schiphol Airport

January 25, 2022|

Airlines rely heavily on airports. Therefore, the way an airport is operated affects airlines. This occurs, among other things, when airports set their rates and conditions. A dispute arose between the airline easyJet and the Authority for the Consumer and Market (ACM) concerning the setting of rates and conditions for Schiphol Airport.

Battle of forms: the applicability of General Terms and Conditions

December 7, 2021|

The battle of forms is where a business enterprise has contracted with another business and both parties claim that their General Terms and Conditions are applicable to the contract that has been entered into. The question is which General Terms and Conditions apply in this instance?

How to effectively terminate an agency agreement

November 30, 2021|

Agency agreements under Dutch law are defined in book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code (DCC). Book 7 contains a number of specific type of agreements that need a specific form of protection. Agency agreements and employment agreements are examples of such specific agreements.

Privacy and Data Protection: Brexit and third countries

November 22, 2021|

As we all know the UK left the EU with effect from 1 January 2021. How does this affect the transfer and processing of personal data in the UK. The Withdrawal Agreement entered into by the EU and the UK regarding the withdrawal of the UK from the EU sets out a certain transitionary period. This transitional period expired as from 1st July 2021, meaning that the UK is treated as a third country with respect to the transfer and processing of personal date. What does this mean in practice for privacy and data protection?

Terminating a commercial contract

November 22, 2021|

This article will explain in which way commercial agreements can be terminated under the Dutch Civil Code (DCC). The general rule in the Netherlands is that there is substantial freedom of parties to enter into an agreement.

Opinion of the Attorney-General: lessees of business premises are entitled to a rent reduction because of the corona pandemic

October 25, 2021|

In a case concerning the question whether a lessee of business premises is entitled to a rent reduction because of the coronapandemic, the Subdistrict Court of Roermond asked the Supreme Court preliminary questions on March 31. The answer to these questions is important for legal practice, because the answers from the Supreme Court will also give other tenants and lessors of business accommodations something to hold on to when solving concrete cases.

Qualification of the employment relationship: management agreement or employment contract?

October 11, 2021|

The qualification of an employment relationship is of great importance. It determines which rights and obligations the parties have towards each other. The relationship between employer and employee is very different from the relationship between client and contractor. If possible, it is wise to make as clear as possible an agreement about the relationship. This prevents problems in the future. But what if the parties have a different opinion about the qualification of the employment relationship?

No-risk policy: points of attention for employers

August 30, 2021|

In this article we discuss the so-called 'no-risk policy' and points of attention for employers who employ personnel with a no-risk policy. We discuss what the policy entails and what this means for the reintegration obligations when the employee becomes disabled.

Right to consent of Works Council: what to do in case of refusal by Works Council (WC)?

August 17, 2021|

A works council WC has a right to consent with regard to proposed decisions to adopt, amend or repeal a regulation pursuant to Section 27 of the WOR. But what if the Works Council refuses to give its consent to the implementation of the resolution? Is that reasonable, or do the interests of the employer outweigh the interests? And what can the entrepreneur do?


August 16, 2021|

The government expects that as a result of covid-19, a significant number of entrepreneurs will want to end their business in the short term using the turbo liquidation. The government fears abuse and has drafted a proposal to protect the position of creditors and to increase transparency on this scheme. This proposal has been submitted for consultation.


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