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We are a law firm based in Rotterdam that focusses on legal services to businesses. Because of our knowledge in various industries our lawyers have an advantage: they know what happens in the business of the entrepreneur and they are focused on practical solutions. We often act as “in-house counsel”: a solid and trusted point of contact for a company for all legal questions.

Of course, our services are of high professional quality. Equally important are our working methods: committed, transparent and prompt.

Vision: quality is central

Quality is central to our services. The quality we deliver is a team effort and not a sum of individual accomplishments. Our success is determined by the degree of satisfaction of our clients. We are only satisfied when a client is convinced that he is in good hands with us and feels that he is doing a favour to a fellow entrepreneur by referring him to us. And when our employees encourage acquaintances to come work with us.

Meer over ons:

All assignments are subject to our general terms and conditions as filed with the court registry of the Rotterdam District Court; these include a limitation of liability.

LVH Lawyers is committed to satisfied clients. We strive to ensure that our lawyers and staff perform their work for our clients in an expert manner. If you feel that we have not succeeded in doing so, you can make use of our firm’s complaints procedure. To do so, please contact Peter Verheijden, 010-2092777 or verheijden@lvh-advocaten.nl.

The text of the office complaints procedure can be found below.

Office Complaints Regulation LVH Advocaten

LVH Advocaten processes personal data in the course of its activities. LVH Advocaten values your trust in its organisation and does everything in its power to protect your privacy. It has therefore designed its privacy statement in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The fee charged to the client is calculated by multiplying the time spent on the case by the hourly rate of the lawyer handling the case.

Our current hourly rates are between € 180.00 and € 300.00 and depend on the experience of the lawyer handling the case. In special cases (e.g. because of the importance or urgency of the case) a higher hourly rate than usual can be agreed upon with the client. The rates are indexed, either annually or not. For office expenses, a surcharge of 6% will be applied to the fee.

If costs are incurred for court fees and/or the engagement of a bailiff, procurator litis or other third parties, these will be charged to the client.

In principle, a monthly settlement of the work performed takes place. In addition, new clients are invoiced on an advance basis.

If you prefer, we can discuss with you an alternative way of calculating the fee.

Leeman Verheijden Huntjens Advocaten B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam under number 24462228.

The VAT number of Leeman Verheijden Huntjens Advocaten B.V. is: NL00820977342B.01

The ACE network is the largest independent and intersectoral HR platform in the region, for employers, service providers and employees. At ACE, employers exchange employees, vacancies, knowledge and ideas with each other in order to keep people in sustainable employment and strengthen labor mobility in the region.

We continually invest in establishing and maintaining contacts with lawyers abroad and, as a result, have a worldwide network that we use for the benefit of clients who are or will be active internationally. It is important to know that we do not have a “paper” relationship with these foreign lawyers, but know them personally and often meet them several times a year. This puts us in a better position to organize and manage an optimal service for our clients abroad.


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