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We are a law firm based in Rotterdam that focusses on legal services to businesses. Because of our knowledge in various industries our lawyers have an advantage: they know what happens in the business of the entrepreneur and they are focused on practical solutions. We often act as “in-house counsel”: a solid and trusted point of contact for a company for all legal questions.

Of course, our services are of high professional quality. Equally important are our working methods: committed, transparent and prompt.


Wij helpen je graag op het gebied van

Entrepreneurship and business


Wie zijn zaken goed verzorgt, kan onbezorgd zaken doen.



Een foutje is snel gemaakt en een misverstand of miscommunicatie kan de beste overkomen. Vaak is zoiets snel opgelost of uitgepraat, maar soms ontstaat een conflict.

Our team


Een proactieve toepassing van de regels van het arbeidsrecht heeft een positief effect op het resultaat van uw onderneming.

Enterprise and government


Voor ondernemers is de overheid een belangrijke partij. In uw bedrijfsvoering heeft u te maken met wet- en regelgeving en overheidsbesluiten, zowel op rijks- als plaatselijk niveau, niet zelden met een complexe inhoud. De relatie met de overheid kent de nodige voetangels en valkuilen.

Financial difficulties


Indien een onderneming in financieel zwaar weer verkeert is dat voor alle betrokken partijen lastig. Door de ondernemer moet (telkens weer) worden beslist of al dan niet doorgegaan kan worden met de onderneming en welke crediteuren al dan niet voldaan mogen worden.

International Business


Internationaal ondernemen en zakendoen is in tijden van globalisering niet langer voorbehouden aan grote multinationals. Ook binnen het (groot) MKB komen internationale transacties veel voor.

Entrepreneurship and business


Bij LVH Advocaten zijn meerdere vastgoedspecialisten werkzaam, die u vakkundig bij kunnen staan in alle vastgoed-gerelateerde juridische kwesties.

Client reviews

For years, LVH lawyers have been the counselor who hits exactly the right spot: real advice from a good mix of specialists who think in terms of possibilities. An excellent adviser and sparring partner in difficult issues.

H.B. Determann

We have had very good experiences with LVH Advocaten for several years. The firm is characterised by a down-to-earth Rotterdam work mentality combined with excellent business knowledge. In our last cooperation, Mr. R.C. Steenhoek assisted us as an advisor during the settlement of a bankruptcy. Due to his extensive experience as a trustee, Mr. Steenhoek is very knowledgeable in these matters. He is very approachable, knows how to point out important details, thinks many steps ahead and comes up with a clear plan of action. During the settlement of the bankruptcy case with the receiver, Mr. Steenhoek represented us excellently. We are very satisfied with the result achieved and are convinced that without his expertise we would not have been able to handle the case in this way.

P.E. van Erk

In 2019 and 2020, we approached LVH Lawyers for advice on how to end the case in a careful and competent manner. This was resolved in a completely practical manner and within a very short period of time. He always had his full attention for my story. It was settled very neatly. The cooperation was perfect!

I would like to thank Mr Rob Steenhoek for this.

Ton Hameeteman

News and articles

Reduction of amount for which the director is liable

July 4, 2022|

A director is liable under article 2:248 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Civil Code (BW) to make good the deficit in the bankruptcy if the board has manifestly mismanaged its duties and it is plausible that this was a major cause of the bankruptcy. Based on paragraph 4 of this article of law, the court can mitigate the amount for which the director is liable under certain circumstances.

The wage guarantee scheme: continued payment of wages in the event of the employer’s bankruptcy

June 27, 2022|

The Unemployment Insurance Act includes a scheme that entitles employees to payment in the event of payment problems on the part of the employer. The regulation is also called the wage guarantee regulation. It also regulates which benefits an employee can claim in case of bankruptcy of the employer. In this article I will discuss the main provisions of the wage guarantee scheme that apply in the event of bankruptcy and I will go into a recent judgment of the Supreme Court on this subject.

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