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Commercial Property and investment

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Investments in real estate and project development can generate good returns and are often also part of the provision for old age. The better you know how to arrange this “at the front end”, the more the intended goal will be achieved. Leeman Verheijden Huntjens advises on the purchase and sale of real estate, on commercial renting and leasing and on project development, and assists you in your relationship with other entrepreneurs and stakeholders, but also in your relationship with the government.

If you are dealing with a real estate transaction or project development that does not proceed as desired and expected, it is important to be well informed about your legal position in good time. Then you can make the right decisions. If a dispute does not lead to a solution, then your point of view must be put forward well and convincingly in court. That, too, is our profession.

In short: we can help you make responsible investments in real estate and optimise your returns.

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More about commercial property and investments

Opinion of the Attorney-General: lessees of business premises are entitled to a rent reduction because of the corona pandemic

October 25, 2021|

In a case concerning the question whether a lessee of business premises is entitled to a rent reduction because of the coronapandemic, the Subdistrict Court of Roermond asked the Supreme Court preliminary questions on March 31. The answer to these questions is important for legal practice, because the answers from the Supreme Court will also give other tenants and lessors of business accommodations something to hold on to when solving concrete cases.

Temporary lease of business space: what is possible?

August 9, 2021|

In real estate, there are two types of leases for business premises: lease of medium-sized business premises (think of a store or catering establishment) or the lease for other business premises (such as office space). This article explains the options for entering into a short-term lease for the different types of commercial space.

How does a purchase/contracting agreement work in real estate?

July 12, 2021|

What is a purchase/contractor agreement? When parties agree that one of them will provide a piece of land and construct or finish a building on it for a fee, there is a contract for the purchase of the land on the one hand and a contract for work on the other hand with regard to the building. The part relating to the purchase of the land is governed by the legal rules of sale. On the part that relates to contracting work (building and delivery), the rules of contracting work apply. Therefore, it does not make much difference in practice whether one speaks of two linked contracts (purchase and contracting) or of one compound contract to which the rules for purchase and the rules for contracting apply in part.

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