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Temporary lease of business space: what is possible?

August 9, 2021|

In real estate, there are two types of leases for business premises: lease of medium-sized business premises (think of a store or catering establishment) or the lease for other business premises (such as office space). This article explains the options for entering into a short-term lease for the different types of commercial space.

How does a purchase/contracting agreement work in real estate?

July 12, 2021|

What is a purchase/contractor agreement? When parties agree that one of them will provide a piece of land and construct or finish a building on it for a fee, there is a contract for the purchase of the land on the one hand and a contract for work on the other hand with regard to the building. The part relating to the purchase of the land is governed by the legal rules of sale. On the part that relates to contracting work (building and delivery), the rules of contracting work apply. Therefore, it does not make much difference in practice whether one speaks of two linked contracts (purchase and contracting) or of one compound contract to which the rules for purchase and the rules for contracting apply in part.

What are the rights, obligations and liabilities of contractors and principals in contracting work?

July 12, 2021|

A construction assignment to a contractor is considered a contract for work. This is an agreement whereby the contractor, on the instructions of the client - outside of employment - realizes and delivers a work of material nature. The legal relationship between the client and the contractor is - unless otherwise agreed - governed by the statutory rules for contracting work.

What are the rights, obligations and liabilities of clients and consultants in the commission agreement in a construction process?

July 12, 2021|

At the start of a construction project, a client will often engage an architect, engineer or consultant to help him with the design (hereafter: 'consultant'). The legal relationship between the client and his consultant is - if nothing else has been agreed - governed by the legal rules for the commission contract. These legal rules can be found in the first section of title 7.7 of the Dutch Civil Code (art. 7:400 ff. of the Civil Code). The summary statutory regulation has a general and open character and is largely of a regulatory nature. It is therefore common for parties to make further agreements.

Practical legal tips on International Contracts for the Sale of Goods

June 10, 2021|

When you are trading with an international party, it may well be that the UN Convention on contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is also applicable to the contract. Currently 97 countries are a member of this CISG, so there is a realistic chance that this CISG is also applicable to your contract of sale.

Actions against non-competition agreements

May 11, 2021|

Many employees have a non-compete agreement, and many employers come into contact with potential employees who have a non-compete agreement. The question that then arises is, can the employee join a new company? Or in other words, is the non-competition clause legally valid, can the current employer successfully invoke the clause, or can the non-competition clause perhaps be (partially) voided?

Requirements for CO2 reduction in state aid to KLM?

April 26, 2021|

An important topic in aviation is the reduction of CO2 emmission. Aircraft burn kerosene and therefore emit CO2. Recently, the preliminary relief judge of the District Court of The Hague issued a judgment in the context of CO2 reduction by the Dutch airline KLM and the state aid that KLM received due to the corona pandemic. What conditions for CO2 reduction can be attached to that state aid?

Medium-sized business premises or other business premises: what is the difference and how do you determine which is which?

April 19, 2021|

There are two different rental regimes for commercial property: rental for medium-sized business premises, such as stores and catering establishments (7:290 business premises) and other business premises (7:230a business premises). The applicable rental regime is indicated by the section of the Dutch Civil Code that applies to that rental regime. Rent for medium-sized business premises is regulated in Section 7:290 of the Dutch Civil Code and is therefore also referred to as 7:290 business premises. Section 7:230a of the Dutch Civil Code regulates the rent for other business accommodation, the so-called 7:230a business accommodation.

Justified employee job reassignment after serious incident?

April 19, 2021|

A question that we as employment lawyers receive with some regularity is whether an employee can be placed in a lower position with a lower salary after one or more incidents. In many cases an employee will not voluntarily agree to this and the question arises whether a unilateral change of position is possible. This question was addressed by the subdistrict court in its judgment of December 31, 2020.

Summons Dismissal: Requirements and Recent Rulings

April 14, 2021|

Many employers are occasionally confronted with an employee whom - in view of the seriousness of the conduct - they wish to part with immediately, i.e. dismiss summarily. But is this really possible? In this article, we will discuss the requirements for summary dismissal and three recent decisions by subdistrict courts that have ruled on summary dismissal.


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