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Automotive lawyers

For the lawyers of Leeman Verheijden Huntjens Advocaten, the automotive sector has been familiar territory for many years now. It is a dynamic sector, where developments follow each other in rapid succession. Our team closely follows developments, trends and innovations. Our clients appreciate a sparring partner who knows what goes on in their markets.

Consultancy in the automotive sector covers a wide area and demands teamwork from our specialists. There are for instance many issues in the fields of competition rules, takeovers and joint ventures. In addition to operational matters such as contracts and disputes with suppliers and buyers, we also assist you in the case of reorganisation, financing and refinancing, (strategic) joint ventures and entering new markets, but also with collection cases and redundancies.

If there is a conflict, we always look for a fast and constructive solution. Being able to switch fast can often prevent the parties from getting bogged down in lengthy legal proceedings. The latter is not preferred, but if legal proceedings contribute to the best result for our clients, we will of course not shy away from them.

We support suppliers of the car industry, as well as manufacturers, car and truck dealers and lease companies.

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The Enhancement Position of Receivers Act has entered into force

On 1 July 2017, the Enhancement Position of Receivers Act (Wet versterking positie curator) entered into force.

Self-driving and truck platooning: a modification of legislation is required

We read about it in the news so often: accidents - fatal or otherwise - with self-driving cars. One of the questions that arise is: who is liable for such accidents? This is a phenomenon not (yet) provided for by current legislation.

Dutch bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy in The Netherlands is governed by the Dutch Bankruptcy Act. Intra-EU cross-border insolvency proceedings are governed by Council regulation (EC) No 1346/2000 of 29 May 2000 on insolvency proceedings. Cross-border insolvency proceedings that do not fall within the scope of the EU Insolvency Regulation will be governed by the general rules of Dutch Private International Law.

Debt collection in the Netherlands

LVH Advocaten offers professional debt collection services for any size commercial debts in the Netherlands. The firm has ample experience in collecting outstanding debts for our international client base and is committed to pursue debtors in the Netherlands quickly and efficiently to ensure a maximum return at a minimum cost.

The restart

The term ‘restart’ is frequently used on the news when a large company has gone into liquidation. A recent example thereof is Imtech. But what exactly is a restart?

Burden of proof for advertising fraud changed since 1 July 2016

Entrepreneurs regularly fall victim to advertising fraud. This involves misleading commercial practices. Certain (telephone) sales techniques are used to gain the entrepreneur's confidence and raise expectations. The objective is to have the entrepreneur enter into an agreement, after which the agreed performance is not or not properly delivered.

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