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Where else would you find a team of lawyers specialised in the legal support of players in the logistical process but in Rotterdam. Whether it concerns shipyards, airline companies, logistical service providers or storage and transshipment companies, time is often a factor in the world of logistics and the parties need to be able to switch fast. We know the market and we are familiar with your activities and the specific legal challenges involved.

Our expertise enables us to give you quick and proper advice about logistical contracts and shipbuilding contracts, but also about joint ventures and other types of collaboration. We have specialist knowledge of the law that applies to the various transportation modalities (sea, inland waterways, road, air and rail). In addition to typical maritime issues such as collisions, assistance and general average, we also have experts for the “drier” aspects of law, such as planning and zoning law. Naturally, clients also know where to find Leeman Verheijden Huntjens Advocaten for issues such as the seizure of a ship or dealing with delay claims.

Among other things, our lawyers act on behalf of airline companies, shipowners, their liability insurers, hull insurers, affreighters, carriers, logistical service providers, parties arranging carriage and shipyards.

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