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LVH Advocaten is a medium-sized law firm with around 15 lawyers. We are big enough for interesting and high-profile cases and small enough for an informal atmosphere. We easily walk in on each other and find it important that everyone can be themselves. In addition to work, attention is also paid to mutual solidarity; to work on this, a lot is organised, such as a staff day, drinks parties and sporting activities.

At LVH we give space for personal growth and encourage new experiences that enrich your professional life. In doing so, we look at who you are, what you can do or need to make the best use of your talent. The use of the individuality of each employee, in connection with each other, leads to the best service to our clients. We give space, trust and responsibility and demand performance, which is determined objectively, and hold our employees accountable for this.
Our core values: quality, customer-oriented, organizational pride, connecting.

We are always interested in good people. If you are interested in joining our office, please send an open application to

At our firm, you will start as a trainee lawyer in the general practice. If there is no vacancy for a trainee lawyer, it is also possible that you will start with a temporary contract as a legal assistant, where you will be involved in research, analysis and case law.

As a trainee lawyer, you will be assigned a patron who will supervise and train you during your traineeship. You will share a room with a senior member of staff, who you can turn to for all kinds of practical questions. Most emphasis is placed on knowledge acquisition and skills development. In addition, early on in your internship period, you will be encouraged to handle cases independently and to take responsibility for your own actions. You follow the mandatory professional training for lawyers (BA), the costs of which are paid by the firm. Your progress and your own experiences will be evaluated on a regular basis.

For information about applying and vacancies, please contact Peter Verheijden (

Our firm employs six practice assistants/secretaries (full-time and part-time) and two administrative assistants. As practice support staff, you work for several lawyers and share the work with your colleagues. We work with the system DMSforLegal. Role administration is handled centrally.

For information about applying and vacancies, please contact Peter Verheijden (

Student internship

LVH Advocaten offers students the opportunity to take a student internship at the firm. The work placement lasts two months in principle, with the possibility of extending it. The student receives an internship allowance. During the traineeship, you will get to know as many facets of being a lawyer as possible: writing memorandums and procedural documents, discussions with clients, attending court sessions, etc. You will also participate in the usual office activities, such as lunch, courses and office drinks. The possibility exists that, if the mutual acquaintance is successful and there is a vacancy in our office, you will be offered a job with our office. For example, our current associate lawyers Peter de Graaf and Justin de Vries started working in our office after a student internship. If you are interested in a student internship, please send an email with c.v. for the attention of Peter Verheijden (

Experience of Jan Joep

In the period from May to July 2022, Jan Joep Verwiel followed a student internship at our office. He writes about his experiences during the internship:

I found my internship at LVH Attorneys to be very diverse and educational. Because I was involved in a wide variety of cases, I got a clear picture of the legal profession in practice. In addition, I was often taken to court and to client meetings, which once again confirmed my choice for the legal profession. Within LVH my preference for intellectual property law and labor law was also taken into account. Most of the cases I handled were in these two areas of law.

My experiences

During my internship, I was constantly challenged by the various assignments presented to me. Besides the fact that additional research had to be done, my attention was mainly drawn by the drafting of procedural documents. The nice thing about this was that I often worked for different lawyers, which added to the diversity of the work.

The office

Within the office there is an open and friendly atmosphere, which makes it easy for a student-intern to walk in with someone for a question or a pleasant chat. Fortunately, the corona period is behind us and I have been able to fully experience office life. At LVH, your needs as a student intern are truly taken into account while making you feel like you are truly part of the team. This is also why I would definitely recommend a student internship at LVH.

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