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Dutch Divorce Lawyer

maandag 2 mei 2016

When a personal matter such as divorce, questions about custody, or any other matter surrounding marriage dissolution is in question, and proceedings are likely to take place in the Dutch jurisdiction, it is vital that you have experienced legal representation by a Dutch divorce lawyer who deals with International Divorce Cases on a daily basis and who is familiar with the challenges the expatriate faces under such conditions.

Netherlands Divorce Attorneys

The divorce laywers of the LVH Advocaten Family Law Practice Group are there to protect the interests of our clients and pursue the outcome they want. As every individual is unique, so is every family law matter. On top of that every international divorce case has its own challenges, with issues like jurisdiction, service of process, conflict of laws, international conventions and foreign law, foreign pre-nuptial contracts. Our divorce laywers use their experience in the Courtroom and understanding of the system to deal with those aspects.

It is a fact that divorces with international components do present divorce lawyers with uniqe challenges and opportunities. But apart from these challenges, the assistance of our divorce lawyers is not all that different from the assistance you would expect in your own jurisdiction.

Some divorces are amicable, and the two parties are able to determine how they want to divide assets, support matters and how custody will be managed. Others involve matters that are contentious and no resolution is possible through negotiations and the court must decide. Our team of Dutch divorce lawyers is prepared to evaluate your personal situation and provide the skilled legal support that is required to bring the matter to a resolution.


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