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LVH Advocaten opts for an open culture and moves to modern premises: World Port Center in Rotterdam.

donderdag 20 februari 2020

In order to realize her mission on how a law firm can best serve her clients, Leeman Verheijden Huntjens Advocaten will move to a new location on 1 March 2020: the World Port Center (WPC) on the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam.

A joint effort with a  common goal

"We are not a law firm where client, lawyer and support staff are adjacent from each other. We strive for a flat organization where everyone is equal and each person has his or her own task in our common goal to serve the client as best as we can. A modern building where all employees are located on one floor fits in with this common goal, because cooperation is essential. In order to achieve our common goal, it is important to see each other frequently and easily in order to be able to act quickly," says Bouwe Bos, partner at Leeman Verheijden Huntjens Advocaten.

Time for a next step

The monumental building in the Scheepvaartkwartier, where the law firm has been housed for the past 10 years, is therefore no longer in line with this vision. "We have always had many compliments about the beautiful building and enjoyed working there, but it is time for the next step. The fact that we are allowed to end up on Wilhelmina Pier is the next step. We already think this is one of the most vibrant living and working areas in Rotterdam and this will only get better in the coming years with the planned developments on the pier and the Rijnhaven district", says Bouwe Bos.

World Port Center

The WPC building was the first tower on the Wilhelmina Pier and is known as housing for the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The tower is now developing into a multi-tenant building. LVH and the owner are of  the opinion that an open character and hospitable experience is of great importance to its visitors. A complete renovation and refurbishment of the entrance will be carried out in 2020, in which hospitality will be paramount. 

Sustainability is another important pillar for the WPC building. For example, it is on the list for Breeam and Well certification. An example of a smart sustainability solution are the cooling systems that obtain their cooling capacity via the water from the river Maas.

LVH  will occupy 887 m² of office space which  is located on the 27th floor of the World Port Center. From 1 March 2020, the office will officially move to this new location.

About Leeman Verheijden Huntjens Advocaten

Leeman Verheijden Huntjens Advocaten is a Rotterdam law firm that focuses on providing legal services to companies. It goes without saying that our services are of high professional quality. At least as important is the way we do our work: involved, clear, and fast.

The quality we deliver is a team effort and not the sum of individual performances.

Our success is determined by the level of satisfaction of our customers and employees. We are only satisfied when a client is convinced that he or she is in good hands with us and recommends us to other parties. And also when our employees encourage acquaintances to come and work for us.

As a company we strive for qualitative growth. Everyone contributes to this. We naturally encourage our employees to be among the best in the business. But also to actively contribute to the growth and good name of our company. Contribute in a way that best suits each individual employee. Because only then can our employees optimally develop their talents and best succeed in our common mission: to bind our clients to our company by meeting and, where possible, exceeding their expectations.

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