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Disagreement within the company itself

Conducting a business is a complicated business. Every day it is about seeing and seizing opportunities, communicating, making agreements, taking risks and so on. A mistake is quickly made and a misunderstanding or miscommunication can happen to the best of us. Often such a thing is quickly resolved or talked out, but sometimes a conflict arises.

If the interests are big, solving such a conflict is not always easy. It is then important that you are timely and well informed about your legal position and your legal possibilities. After all, being right is not always the same as being right. As an entrepreneur, it is essential for you to be able to determine your strategy in a well-informed way and to be able to decide how to proceed with the conflict. Can this still be resolved by mutual agreement or must it be submitted to the court?

If the latter is chosen, it is of great importance that your story is brought to the court as well and convincingly as possible. You and your lawyer are a team with a common goal: convincing the judge and achieving a good result.


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Bouwe Bos


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Hans Rijntjes

litigation, rental (contract and eviction), collection, business and shareholders

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