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Mergers and takeovers

A merger or takeover demands prudence form all parties involved. The consequences for your business can after all be considerable. Not only the opportunities and financial risks are of interest; so are the legal structure and the emotions of your staff. Future affairs have to be arranged properly and unpleasant surprises have to be prevented. It is therefore important to get legal advice in the early stages in order to ensure a smooth and professional transaction.

We cover the entire process, from letter of intent to closing, often alongside your accountant, tax consultant, civil-law notary and corporate finance consultant.

The work we undertake during those processes is highly diverse. They include support in preparing sales memorandums and structuring the deal, audits (due diligence) and analyses of legal risks, preparing confidentiality agreements, consultation with banks and other financiers, preparing loan agreements, preparing and assessing security contracts and warranties, coordination with the works council, supervisory directors and shareholders, assessment of aspects under competition law and co-determination law, preparing and assessing takeover contracts, preparing shareholders’ agreements and effectuating amendments to articles of association, reorganisations required after a takeover (also in terms of staff), support for (warranty) claims following the transaction.

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Bouwe Bos


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commercial cooperations, mergers and acquisitions, employment law and employer representation 

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