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Rental (contract and eviction)

Tenancy law is not always simple and clear-cut. There are for instance three types of renting out constructed immovable property: the renting out of residential accommodation, the renting out of so-called retail space (such as a shop or a restaurant) and ‘other’ business premises (such as an office). All these different types of renting are subject to different statutory provisions.

Questions that may arise include: when does it concern a mandatory regulation and in what circumstances are you not allowed to change the rental agreement to the disadvantage of the tenant? To what extent is the rental agreement binding? How far does protection against eviction reach? How should a clause for period rent adjustment be formulated? Our lawyers can answer your questions and know all the possibilities and pitfalls of tenancy law.

If you have problems with a non-paying tenant, we can start proceedings to terminate the rental agreement and proceed with eviction.

We work for various clients, including project developers, asset managers, housing associations, estate agents and retailers.

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Bruna must honour the franchise and lease agreement (for now)

A franchisee has successfully brought interlocutory proceedings against his franchisor Bruna. The court in interlocutory proceedings has judged as a preliminary measure that Bruna has to honour the franchise and (sub)lease agreement it terminated.

Problems when the lessor invokes a bank guarantee for vacancy losses due to bankruptcy of lessee

The Supreme Court recently passed an interesting ruling that provides more clarity about to what extent a bank can have recourse against the insolvent estate if it has paid an amount for vacancy losses within the framework of a bank guarantee.

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litigation, rental (contract and eviction), collection, business and shareholders

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rental (contract and eviction), business and shareholders, property

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